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I’m definitely a polygot when it comes to programming.  I work daily in python/javascript, have written PHP/wordpress applications, done some full stack javascript with Node, django, meteor you name it.  In recent years as my focus has shifted more towards building businesses vs. building software I’ve decided to narrow my focus down to the set of programming technologies that gives you the best bang for you buck.


We launched Kneadit, as a native iOS app recently after about a year of building/testing etc.  The idea was that if it performed well I’d spend the time (or money) and build an android version to expand.  No web version, mobile only since a web version would require a whole new build.


I realize now this was a mistake.  Enter the hybrid application. Using frameworks like React Native you can easily convert web apps into mobile applications ( that can be put on the app store and run as regular native apps).  The React Native framework is essentially a series of pre-built controls to allow you to interact with the phone inside of a typical web/ReactJSjs application.


I’ve decided to dig deeper into ReactJS because of the advancements of React Native.  With ReactJS and React Native, you are writing one code base fo the web (an ReactJS app) that can be quickly/cheaply adapted to release both iOS and Android apps with essentially the same code.  So instead of our original model of build a native iOS app, wait and build an Android; I can now build one code base and launch iOS/Android simultaneously.  


For developers that are trying to build businesses not just apps the React Native stack is insanely powerful for getting your idea out across multiple platforms.  It’s not always the BEST tool for the job depending on your app, but if you’re looking to maximize your time as a solo-entrepreneur/developer then it’s multi-platform viability is certainly powerfull.

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Written by : Ethan Drower

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