Gary Vaynerchuk is quite the character.  CEO of Vayner Media and owner of Wine Library (the largest online wine store I believe), Gary has an impressive presence on social media.  He’s been everything from an early Youtube adopter, to Uber investor, to twitter user extraordinaire.  Nowadays, he’s focused on building his media business, social media brand and for speaking out to entrepreneurs young and old with advice on building businesses.

His book “Ask Gary Vee” is a compiliation of the best quiestions from a daily Q/A session he runs on Twitter.  The book reads like a frequently asked questions page, with long form answers from Gary packed full of industry specific knowledge and motivational-ish sound bytes.

Overall, if you’re into business building and marketing Gary Vaynercuk is someone worth following and worth reading.  So far he’s been ahead of the curve and shows no signs of taking his foot off of the pedal.


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