This is an extremely quick and tasty read.  Only takes about an hour, and is laid out in a short vignette style that hits you with a new thought every other page.  The short story is Derek Sivers created an online site to sell independent musician’s albums and ended up selling it years later on for millions of dollars.  This book is a compilation of stories of the company and his own personal reflections on what’s important in life.

While I found it an interesting read I was glad that it was short.  Derek is just a guy interested in creating things that compel him, so if you’re looking for a high powered entrepreneurship read (think Starbucks, linkedin, Elon Musk etc.) this is not the book for you.  If anything I’d say just jump on his blog and read his essays, some of them are quite provoking and well written.

Oh yeah and I stole the concept of having a ‘now’ page from him!  Stole is a strong work he’s pretty eager to share.

His blog is here if you want to check his writing out.


Written by : Ethan Drower

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